About inklude

inklude® is an attempt to introduce inclusive products in education. It is an attempt to use technology and expertise in areas where there has been less or no development. Many Digital products have inclusive features, especially smartphones but we hardly see inclusion in non-digital tangible products like books, games etc.

inklude® products are truly inclusive which means that the same book or game can be read jointly by both, sighted and non-sighted. These products are integrated with Poly-Braille®, Tactile shapes as well as printed text and shapes which makes it possible for all types of readers to comprehend the same piece of information.

inklude: An Introduction

Testimonials from Sight Me 2018 Expo, UAE.

Excerpts from an interview broadcast of the founders of INKLUDE - inclusive education products

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Children's Books

Learn Numbers & Shapes in Print, Tactile & Poly-Braille®

Inclusion in Education

Braille dots and tactile images are transparent and deposited on top of printed text and images. All the shapes are tactile so that visually impaired readers can touch and understand them. These books are truly inclusive which can be read commonly by the sighted and non-sighted readers.
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Children's Books

Learn Alphabet A to Z in Print, Tactile & Poly-Braille®

World Class Technology

With Poly-Braille® Technology, the Braille dots & Tactile printing is extremely consistent and do not wear out with time. Poly-Braille® does not disturb the readability of text and images since it is transparent in nature.
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Children's Books

Learn Hindi Alphabet in Print, Tactile & Poly-Braille®

Education in Regional Languages

Inclusive content can also be developed in Regional Languages at INKLUDE.
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Poly-Braille® Games

Snakes & Ladders in Print, Tactile & Poly-Braille®

Snakes & Ladders – can talk about how every child’s childhood is connected to this game. What if you have a partner who can’t see.

Can he still play?

Yes!! That’s what inklude’s Snakes & Ladders is all about.

INKLUDE’s Snakes and Ladder has been specially designed keeping in mind the minutest of details with magnetic tokens and a sound making tactile dice. It is indeed world’s first truly inclusive Snakes & Ladders board game.

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Braille Stickers

These are special stickers with letters A to Z and some special characters in print and Poly-Braille. Stick them on any flat smooth surface to write names, words or even sentences. These are very useful inclusive labels which can be read by all.
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